I. A S. E. County Of Wisconsin

A S. E. County Of Wisconsin, bordering on Illinois, and drained by affluents of Pishtaka and Rock rivers; area, 576 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 25,972; in 1875, 26,259. The surface is level and diversified with prairie and forest, and the soil highly fertile. Geneva lake, 8 m. long, is in the S. part, and there are several smaller lakes. The county is intersected by the Western Union and other railroads. The chief productions in 1870 were 605,093 bushels of wheat, 41,210 of rye, 830,179 of Indian corn, 698,033 of oats, 113,835 of barley, 30,137 of buckwheat, 294,157 of potatoes, 639,516 lbs. of butter, 79,327 of cheese, 443,995 of wool, and 52,596 tons of hay. There were 11,244 horses, 9,743 milch cows, 11,296 other cattle, 97,324 sheep, and 17,784 swine; 4 manufactories of agricultural implements, 20 of carriages and wagons, 2 of iron castings, 1 of paper, 2 of pumps, and 13 flour mills. Capital, Elkhorn. H A central county of Dakota, not included in the census of 1870; area, about 900 sq. m. It is bounded W. by the Missouri and watered by several small streams that empty into that river.