Canary Grass

Canary Grass (phalaris Canariensis), an annual grass native to the Canary islands, cultivated for its seeds, with which tame birds, especially canaries, are fed. It is raised on the isle of Thanet in the county of Kent, England, also in parts of Italy, France, and Switzerland. It has a stalk one to three feet high, topped by an oval, close-grained panicle. It requires a good soil and an open country.

Canary Grass.

Canary Grass.


Cancale, a seaport town of France, department of Ille-et-Vilaine, situated on the W. end of St. Michael's bay, 10 m. N. E. of St. Malo; pop. in 1866, 6,400. The harbor is enclosed by a chain of rocks, named Rochers de Cancale, where are found excellent oysters.


Candace, an Ethiopian queen who invaded Egypt in 22 B.C., but was defeated by Pe-tronius, the Roman governor. In the Acts of the Apostles mention is made of Candace, queen of the Ethiopians, that is, of Upper Nubia, between the Nile and the Atbara. Candace was probably not an individual name, but the title of a succession of female sovereigns.


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Candlemas, the Roman Catholic festival of the purification of the Virgin Mary, Feb. 2, so called because the tapers and candles used in the church throughout the year are consecrated on this day. The festival is of great antiquity.


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Cane, Or Ken

Cane, Or Ken, a river of Bundelcund, India. It rises at an elevation of 1,700 ft. above the sea, in lat. 23° 54' N, Ion. 80° 13' E., and for 35 m. from its source takes a N". E. course, when it falls in a cataract over the N. brow of the Bandair range. After a sharp bend to the W. it turns again to the N. E., and pursues that general course until it empties into the Jumna at Chilatara. Its length is about 250 m. Rapids and cataracts make the greater part of its course unnavigable.


Canibas, a tribe of the Abenaqui nation on the Kennebec river, and by some called the real Abenaquis. (See Abenaquis).


Canicatti, a town of Sicily, in the province and 14 m. N. E. of Girgenti, on the river Naro; pop. about 20,000. In the vicinity are extensive mines of sulphur.


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Canis. I. Canis Major

Canis. I. Canis Major, a southern constellation containing Sirius, or the dog star. It is situated below the foot of Orion, and contains 31 stars. II. Canis Minor, a northern constellation, whose appearance in the morning twilight gave the Egyptians notice of the approach of dog days. It is near Canis Major, and contains 14 stars, of which Procyon is the principal.

Cannabis Indica

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Cannelton, a town of Perry county, Ind., on the Ohio river, 145 m. below Cincinnati; pop. in 1870, 2,481. It contains several churches and schools, a newspaper, and some fine residences. The Cannelton cotton mill employs several hundred operatives, and manufactures 40,000 yards of sheetings per week. The factory, which is 800 ft. long and four stories high, is built of variegated sandstone, and presents a splendid appearance from the river. In the hills which surround the town are found beds of cannel coal, lying in nearly horizontal strata 4 or 5 ft. thick, and easily accessible. Fire clay, limestone, and fine sandstone for building purposes are found interstratitied with the coal. Before the establishment of the American cannel coal company, which was incorporated in 1836, Cannelton contained only four or five log cabins.