Chicory. See Chiccory.


Chicot, a S. E. county of Arkansas, bordering on Louisiana, and bounded E. by the Mississippi river; area, 820 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 7,214, of whom 5,393 were colored. It is intersected by Crooked and Mason bayous. The surface is level and in some places subject to inundation. The soil in several parts is very fertile. The chief productions in 1870 were 85,462 bushels of Indian corn, 5,092 of sweet potatoes, and 10,187 bales of cotton. There were 449 horses, 988 mules and asses, 1,005 milch cows, 2,073 other cattle, and 2,529 swine. Capital, Lake Village.


Chicsoi. See Usumasinta.


Chieri, a town of Italy, in the province and 9 m. S. E. of the city of Turin; pop. about 16,000. It has a gymnasium, a polytechnic school, and a collegiate church, which is believed to have originally been a temple of Minerva, with many beautiful paintings.


Chilblain, an atonic inflammation or chronic engorgement of the skin and subcutaneous or cellular tissue, caused by sudden alternations of temperature, generally by exposing the hands and feet when benumbed with cold to too great heat. As it usually appears, the skin is reddened and somewhat swelled, painful on pressure, with considerable tingling and itching. It is most frequently seen on the toes, heel, and ball of the foot, and appears only during the winter season. The treatment consists in stimulating lotions, such as salt and water, or tincture of iodine.


Childbirth. See Obstetrics.

Childebert, A Merovingian King Of The Franks

A Merovingian King Of The Franks Childebert, the third son of Clovis and the second of Clotilda, born about 495, died in 558. On the death of his father in 511 he became king of Paris as his share of the patrimony, while Clodomir became king of Orleans and Clotairo king of Soissons. In alliance with his brothers he participated in the conquest of Burgundy, and subsequently successfully conspired with Clotaire to usurp the kingdom of their brother Clodomir, who had been killed in the Bur-gundian war. He afterward made some conquests in Spain. On his return he quarrelled with Clotaire and made war on him; but before the contest ended he died, and having no male heir his kingdom fell to Clotaire. Two other Merovingian Ohildeberts are to be found among the roisfaineants.


Chiliasm. See Millennium.


Chillies. See Capsicum.

Chilmari, Or Cliilmarec (Hindoo, Chalamari)

Chilmari, Or Cliilmarec (Hindoo, Chalamari), a beautifully situated but ill-built town of Bengal, on the Brahmapootra, in the district and 36 m. S. E. of Rungpoor. At certain religious and commercial festivals, from 60,000 to 100,000 Hindoos are said to assemble here.

Chilo, Or Chilon

Chilo, Or Chilon, one of the seven sages of Greece, and one of the ephori of Sparta, flourished about the commencement of the 6th century B. C, and is said to have died of joy on occasion of his son's gaining the prize for boxing at the Olympic games. The institution of the ephoralty has been frequently, but it is believed erroneously, ascribed to this sage. According to Pliny, he caused the words "Know thyself" to be inscribed in letters of gold on the temple of Delphi. He said that three things were very difficult: to keep a secret, to make the best use of time, and to suffer injuries without murmuring.