Butte, a N. county of California, bounded W. by the Sacramento river, S. E. by the Feather river and its middle fork, and watered by Butte creek and the forks of the Feather river; area, 1,458 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 11,403, of whom 2,082 were Chinese. The highlands are generally covered with pine and cedar forests; the valleys are wooded and fertile. It is rich in gold, platinum, silver, quicksilver, iron, and lead. The Marysville branch of the California Pacific railroad crosses the W. portion. There are 13 quartz mills for the production of gold, 4 grist mills, and 18 saw mills. The chief productions in 1870 were 746,162 bushels of wheat, 16,490 of Indian corn, 339,-698 of barley, 27,919 gallons of wine, 11,799 tons of hay, and 351,023 lbs. of wool. There were 4,315 horses, 2,330 milch cows, 7,954 other cattle, 76,864 sheep, and 19,242 swine. Capital, Oroville.

Buttes #1

Buttes, a village of Switzerland, in the canton and 19 m. S. W. of Neufchatel; pop. in 1870, 1,468. Situated in a narrow valley, and surrounded by high mountains, its position is such that during many months of the year its inhabitants never see the sun.