Campbell Morfit, an American chemist, born in Herculaneum, Mo., in 1820. He studied at Columbian college, Washington, D. C, and subsequently devoted himself to the study of chemistry in the laboratory of Prof. James C. Booth of Philadelphia. He then engaged in the manufacture of commercial chemicals. In 1848 he became co-editor with Prof. Booth of the "Eneycloprcdia of Chemistry." He published numerous scientific papers, and also wrote a report to the United States ordnance department on gun metal. For the investigations to which this latter refers he established a laboratory at the Pikesville arsenal, Md., and he originated the chemical department of the Maryland institute. From 1854 to 1858 he was professor of analytical and applied chemistry in the university of Maryland, which post be resigned to remove to New York; and since 1864 he has resided in London. England, His principal work, are: "Applied Chemistry in the Manufacture of Soaps and Candles'" (Philadelphia, 1847); "Chemical and Pharma-centirnl Manipnlations" (1848); "A Report of the Progress of the Chemical Arts," prepared with Prof. Booth for the Smithsonian institution (1851); "Perfumery, its Manufacture and Use" (1852-5); "Oleic Soaps" (London and New York, 1871); and "Mineral Phosphates" (1873). The last two are elaborately illustrated.