Carlo Pel Ion Persano, count, an Italian admiral, born in Yercelli, March 11, 1806. He entered the navy in 1824, commanded a squadron in the war of 1859, and in 1860 became vice admiral and a member of parliament. In 1862, while minister of marine under Rattazzi, he received the full rank of admiral. In 1865 he was made a senator, and in May, 1866, shortly before the outbreak of the war with Austria, commander-in-chief of the Italian navy. He had 34 vessels, while the Austrians had less than half as many; but he remained inactive at Ancona until urged to open hostilities, and then he moved only against the Austrian island of Lissa, on the Dalmatian coast, which was strongly fortified and almost impregnable. Despite his numerical superiority, he was defeated by Tegetthoff in his attempt to take the island (July 20), and was arrested and impeached for treason, cowardice, disobedience, and incompetency. The last two charges being sustained by large majorities (April, 1867), he was sentenced to pay the cost of the trial and to lose his rank as admiral.