Chaeronea, a town of Boeotia, on the Ther-modon, a small tributary of the Cephissus, near the frontier of Phocis, renowned for the battle in which Philip of Macedon defeated the Athenians, Corinthians, and Thebans in 338 B. C. This victory was largely due to Alexander, then-a youth of 18, who commanded the left wing of his father's army, and broke the sacred band of the Thebans by the weight of the Macedonian phalanx. It made Philip master of Greece. The Athenians lost 1,000 killed and several thousand prisoners. Another battle was fought here in 86 B. C, and won by Sulla over the army of Mithridates, king of Pontus, under Archelaus. Some remnants of the ancient town are still visible at the village of Ca-purna, such as a theatre on the mound of the slaughtered Thebans, an aqueduct, and a broken marble lion, undoubtedly that mentioned by the historian Pausanias as having been placed above the grave of the Theban dead. - Chajronea was the birthplace of Plutarch, and the last years of his life were spent there.