Charles John Ellicott, an English prelate and author, born at Whitwell, near Stamford, April 25, 1819. He graduated at St. John's college, Cambridge, in 1841, and was rector of Pilton, Rutlandshire, from 1848 to 1858, when he succeeded Dr. Trench as professor of divinity in King's college, London. In 1860 he became Hulsean professor of divinity at Cambridge, in 1861 dean of Exeter, and in 1863 bishop of Gloucester and Bristol. His works are: "Treatise on Analytical Statics " (1842); "History and Obligation of the Sabbath" (1844); "Critical and Grammatical Commentaries " on the epistles of St. Paul to the Gala-tians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Thes-salonians, and Philemon, and on the " Pastoral Epistles" (1854-'61); "Lectures on the Life of our Lord Jesus Christ" (1860); and " Considerations on the Revision of the English Version of the New Testament" (1870). He has also published many addresses, lectures, sermons, and charges. His commentaries are highly esteemed, and are used as text books in English and American seminaries.