Claude Marie Francois Niepce De Salit-Victor, a French chemist, nephew of the preceding, born at St. Cyr, near Chalon-sur-Saone, July 26, 1805, died in Paris in April, 1870. He was educated at the military school of Saumur and commissioned a sub-lieutenant of dragoons. His first chemical invention was. a process by which the color of the facings of a large number of cavalry uniforms was changed from crimson to orange at a cost of half a franc the uniform. For this service, which saved the government 100,000 francs, he received a reward of 500 francs and permission to exchange into the municipal guard of Paris. The transfer was not effected until three years later, April, 1845, and in the mean while he experimented for the perfecting of the photographic process discovered by his uncle. In 1847 he communicated to the academy of sciences two papers, the first of which related chiefly to the reproduction of designs by the use of vapors of iodine, and the second announced his method of obtaining images on glass plates coated with a film of starch, gelatine, or albumen. In 1848 he announced some important improvements, and the process was soon generally adopted. In 1851-2 he presented several memoirs on the subject of photographing colors.

He had obtained upon silvered plates, washed with chloride of copper, accurate representations of a variety of colored objects, but was unable to fix the tints. In 1853 he presented to the academy an account of his process of heliography, by which he obtained the impression of the image upon a polished steel plate covered with a thin film of varnish, of which benzine was the chief ingredient, after which the picture was bit in with acid. In 1854 he was appointed commandant of the Louvre. In 1855 he published, under the title of Recherches photograpliiques, all the memoirs on photographic subjects presented by him to the academy. He never patented any of his inventions. He received the Tremont prize from the academy of sciences in 1861, '62, and I '63. Among his later works are: Memoires sur une nonvelle action de la lumiere (1857 - '8); Mémoire sur la thermographic (1859); and Note sur l'action de la lumiere et de Velectricite (1860).