Daniel Dunglas An English Spiritualist Home, born near Edinburgh, March 20, 1833. He was adopted by an aunt, with whom he came to America when nine years of age. It is said that spiritual manifestations attended him from his infancy, but the earliest of his own recollection was a remarkable vision in his 14th year of a deceased playmate. When 17 years old he became publicly known as a medium, though against the wishes of his family. He resided at different times in Troy and Newburgh, N. Y., in Lebanon, Conn., and in Springfield, Mass., in the last place many remarkable manifestations taking place. These manifestations have continued with intermissions to attend Mr. Home to the present time. Besides the ordinary phenomena of rapping, table-tipping, writing, and playing upon musical instruments, they include in his case, it is affirmed, visions seen by the medium, appearances of hands, arms, and spirit forms, seen by other persons, "levitation," or the preternatural uplifting of the medium, elongation and shortening of his body by several inches, and his handling of fire and heated objects without hurt. The occasional intermission of his power is without any known cause, and its occurrence has been generally beneficial to his physical health.

He claims to have performed some remarkable cures, and to have been himself protected from sudden danger. The manifestations have been witnessed by many persons, and contradictory accounts of them have been published by different and reputable witnesses.

In 1853 he went to New York to study medicine, but abandoned the intention. In 1855 he went to England, and has since made London his principal residence. He visited many parts of Europe, and was presented to the emperors of France and Russia, and to the pope. In 1850, while in Rome, he united with the Roman Catholic church. He subsequently met in Rome a Russian lady of noble birth, whom he married in St. Petersburg in 1858. She died in southern France, where they were staying for her health, in 1862, leaving him a son born in 1859. Memorial sketches of her were written by Mary Howitt and Mrs. S. C. Hall. In 1864 he was expelled for spiritualist practices from the city of Rome by the papal authorities. In 1866 he became secretary of the spiritual athenaeum, a society in London for the extension of spiritualism. In the same year he became acquainted with Mrs. Jane Lyon, who conveyed to him by gift and bequest large sums of money, including the bulk of her property. Subsequently she sued for its recovery, and it was restored to her by law. In 1871 Mr. Home again married a Russian lady of rank.

He has published an autobiographical work on spiritual manifestations, entitled "Incidents of my Life" (London, 1862, and republished in New York and Paris), and a second volume with the same title (London and New York, 1872). A third volume is announced.