I. William, an English author, born at Heanor, Derbyshire, in 1795. His parents were members of the society of Friends, and in 1823 he married Mary Botham, also a member of the society. They made a pedestrian excursion through Great Britain, and subsequently embarked in literature, writing several books in common, the first being " The Forest Minstrel and other Poems " (1831). In 1840 he went to Heidelberg for the education of his children. In 1847 he established " How-itt's Journal," which was published only a short time. In 1852-4 he was engaged in gold mining in Australia. His principal works are: "Book of the Seasons" (1831); "Popular History of Priestcraft" (1834); "Rural Life of England " (1837); " Colonization and Christianity" (1838); "Boy's Country Book" (1839); " Visits to Remarkable Places " (1839); "Student Life of Germany" (1841); "Rural and Domestic Life of Germany" (1842); " Jack of the Mill " (1844); "The Aristocracy of England" (1846); "Homes and Haunts of the British Poets" (1847); "The Year Book of the Country" (1847); "The Hall and the Hamlet" (1847); "Stories of English Life" (1853); " Natural History of Magic " (1854); Land, Labor, and Gold" (1855); "The Man of the People" (1860); "Illustrated History of England" (1861); "The Ruined Castles and Abbeys of Great Britain" (1861); "History of the Supernatural in all Ages and Nations " (1863); "Discoveries in Australia" (1865); and " The Mad War Planet, and other Poems " (1871). II. Mary Botham, an English authoress, wife of the preceding, born at Uttoxeter about 1804. She is joint author with her husband of several of the books above mentioned.

Among her numerous separate publications are the novels "Wood Leighton" (1836) and "The Heir of Wast Wayland" (1851). She has written many volumes, in prose and verse, designed for the young, and has made numerous translations from the Swedish of Fre-drika Bremer, the Danish of Andersen, and the German of various authors. Her later works are: "Biographical Sketches of the Queens of England" (1862); "The Cost of Caergwyn " (1864); " Birds and their Nests " (1871); and "A Pleasant Life" (1871). - Anna Mary, daughter of the preceding, married in 1859 to Mr. A. A. Watts, has published "An Art Student in Munich" (1853), and "The School of Life" (1857). Her sister Margaret has published " Twelve Months with Fredrika Bremer in Sweden" (2 vols., 1866).