Dias, A. Gonealvez, a Brazilian poet, born in Caxias, Aug. 10, 1823, died at sea in 1864. He was educated in Portugal, and returning to his native country published a volume of poems entitled Primeiros cantos (Rio de Janeiro, 1846), which was followed by his drama of Leonor de Mendonca, Segundos cantos, and Ultimos cantos. In 1848 he was chosen professor of national history in the college of Dom Pedro II. In 1855 he was sent by the government to study the scientific institutions of France and Germany. Returning to Brazil in 1858, he was appointed historian and ethnographer to the expedition sent by the government to explore the provinces bordering on the Amazon. In consequence of his arduous labors in this expedition he visited Europe in 1862 to restore his health. In September, 1864, he embarked for Brazil, and died near the coast. Dias published the first four cantos of an American epic, Os Tymbiras (Leipsic, 1857), and a Diccionario da lingua Tupy, cha-mada lingua brasiliana (Leipsic, 1858). A collection of his poems, under the title Cantos, was published at Leipsic (4th ed., 1865). His poetry is popular in Brazil.