Edward Augustus Holyoke, an American centenarian, born in Essex co., Mass., Aug. 1, 1728, died in Salem, Mass., March 31, 1829. He graduated at Harvard college, of which his father, Edward Holyoke, was president, in 174G, and began to practise as a physician at Salem in 1749. At his death he had practised in Salem for 79 years, and had never been 50 miles from that city. He was married in 1755, and a second time in 1759, and was the father of 12 children, only two of whom survived Mm. He was the first president of the Massachusetts medical society. He was temperate in his diet, eating freely of fruit; was accustomed to walk in his professional practice until his 80th year; and regarded his constant care to have a full proportion of sleep as one of the causes of his longevity. At 80 years of age he had lost his teeth, and his hearing and memory had begun to fail. Between the ages of 45 and 85 his sight required the aid of convex glasses; it gradually improved afterward, till at his death he could read the finest print with his naked eyes. On his 100th birthday about 50 physicians of Boston and Salem gave him a public dinner, when he appeared at the table with a firm step, smoked his pipe, and gave an appropriate toast.

A memoir of his life was published by the Essex medical society.