Edward Bannerman Ramsay, a Scottish author, born at Balmain, Kincardineshire, Jan. 31, 1793, died in Edinburgh, Dec. 27, 1872, He graduated at St. John's college, Cambridge, in 1815, was a curate of the established church in Somersetshire for seven years, became minister of St. John's church in Edinburgh in 1830, and in 1841 dean of the Reformed Episcopal church in Scotland. He delivered in 1862 before the philosophical institute of Edinburgh two lectures on the "Genius and Works of Handel," and in 1866 two lectures on "Preachers and Preaching," which have been published in book form. His best known publication is his "Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character" (Edinburgh, 1857), which in 1872 had passed through 19 editions. His "Manual of Catechising" (1859) has had 11 editions. He also published memoirs of Sir J. E. Smith (1827) and of Dr. Chalmers (1867); "Advent Sermons" (1850); "Diversities of Christian Character" (1858); "The Christian Life" (1859); "On the Canon Law of the Episcopal Church of Scotland as it stood in 1860" (1860); "Christian Responsibility" (1864); and "Pulpit Table Talk" (1868).