El-Araish, Or Al-Arish,, also called Larache, a fortified town of Morocco, capital of the province of Azgar, on the Atlantic coast, 45 m. S. S. W. of Tangier; pop. about 5,000. It is built on two hills on the southern bank of the wady El-Khos or Luccos, is surrounded by walls, and contains an exchange, a bazaar, a fine mosque, and a dilapidated castle occupied by the governor of the province. The fortified harbor is about 1/4 m. wide and 1 m. long, with an average depth of 24 ft. The exports consist mainly of grain, wool, hides, beans, and cork. The beautiful orchards and pleasure gardens from which it derives its name are suffering from neglect, though some olives and oranges are cultivated. - The town stands probably on the site of the ancient Lixus, on the river of the same name, but only a few Roman ruins have been discovered here. Opposite, on the right bank of the wady El-Khos, are the ruins of the Phoeni-cian colony Lex or Lix (Arabic, Teshemis), and several tombstones with Phoenician inscriptions have recently been found. The wonderful island and gardens of the Hesperides were located by the ancients at the mouth of this river, which accordingly sometimes received the name of Hesperides. The island now found here is about 600 ft. long and 120 ft. wide.

The town was occupied by the Portuguese during the 17th century, and became the centre of a large export trade in African produce. In 1829 the Austrian fleet destroyed here the pirate fleet of Morocco.