Eperies (Hun. Eperjes), a town of northern Hungary, on the Tarcza, capital of the county of Saros, 142 m. N E. of Pesth; pop. in 1869, 10,772, nearly all Germans and Slavs. It is one of the most ancient and interesting, and after Kaschau the handsomest of the towns of Upper Hungary. It is the seat of a bishop of the United Greek church, and has a Lutheran college embracing a theological institution and a gymnasium, and a Roman Catholic gymnasium. It carries on a brisk trade, chiefly in corn, linen, wine, and cattle, and has manufactures of earthenware and woollen goods. - In 1687 the imperial general Caraffa established here the famous bloody tribunal which caused the torturing and execution of a very large number of patriots, especially Protestants. The executions took place on the public square before the windows of the general, and death on the gallows was regarded as comparatively mild and merciful. In 1848 and 1849 Eperies was successively in the possession of the revolutionists, of the Austrians, and of the Russians.