Fitzroy James Henry Somerset Raglan, baron, an English general, born Sept. 30, 1788, died in camp before Sebastopol, June 28, 1855. He was the eighth and youngest son of the fifth duke of Beaufort. He was educated at Westminster school, and at the age of 16, being then known as Lord Fitzroy Somerset, entered the 4th regiment of dragoons as ensign. In 1805 he became lieutenant, and in 1809 was attached to the staff of the duke of Wellington as aide-de-camp and military secretary. At Busaco he was wounded, and at the storming of Badajoz he was one of the first to enter the town. At Waterloo he lost his right arm. For these services he was made colonel and knighted. In 1818 and 1826 he was elected to parliament, where he acted with the moderate tories. In 1852 he was made master general of the ordnance, and created Baron Raglan. In the Crimean war he was commander-in-chief with the rank of field marshal, and on Sept. 20, 1854, fought the battle of the Alma. The sufferings of the troops during the following winter and the disastrous repulse of June 18, 1855, weighed upon his mind, and aggravated an attack of cholera, of which he died.