Gorkum , or Gorcum (Dutch, Gorinchem), a fortified town of the Netherlands, province of South Holland, on the right bank of the Maas, 22 m. S. E. of Rotterdam; pop. about 10,000. It has a college, a scientific society, the ancient church of St. Vincent containing the tombs of the lords of Arkel, and the town hall adorned with remarkable paintings. It has a considerable trade in corn, hemp, butter, cheese, salmon, and Frisian horses; there are also yards for boat building, and extensive rope walks. A canal from Gorkum to Vianen unites the Leek with the Maas. Gorkum acquired importance in the 14th century, was considered the key of Holland at the beginning of the French revolution, and was ruined by an inundation in 1809. - The martyrs of Gorkum is the name given in the Roman Martyrology to 19 persons (17 priests regular and secular, and two Franciscan lay brothers) put to death by William de la Marck and his gueux de la mer in 1572. They were beatified by Pope Clement X. Nov. 24, 1673, and their feast is held on July 9, the anniversary of their death.