Gorz , or Goritz. I. A circle of Cisleithan Austria (generally called Gorz and Gradisca), forming with Istria and Trieste the Littoral province, but having its own diet; area, 1,143 sq. m.; pop. about 200,000, of whom GO per cent. are Slovens, 25 per cent. Friulians, 7 per cent. Italians, and the remainder Germans. In the middle ages the district belonged to the counts of Tyrol; it was united with the possessions of the house of Austria by Maximilian I., about 1500. II. The capital of the circle, on the Isonzo, 22 m. N. N. W. of Trieste; pop. in 1869, 16,823. It consists of two parts, the upper or old town, and the lower or new town. The upper is fortified and contains the castle of the former counts of Tyrol and Gorz. It is the seat of an archbishop and of a central episcopal seminary for all the dioceses of the Littorale, and has a deaf and dumb institute and a chamber of commerce and industry. The principal manufactures are leather, sugar, and silk. Charles X., the exiled king of France, died here in 1836, and his son the duke of Antrouleme in 1844.