Hodge ,.I. Charles, an American theologian, born in Philadelphia, Dec. 28,1797. He graduated at Princeton college in 1815, and at the theological seminary in 1819, and became assistant professor in that institution in 1820, and full professor of oriental and Biblical literature in 1822. In 1840 he was made professor of didactic and exegetical theology, to which in 1852 polemic theology was added, which professorship he still holds (1874). In 1825 he founded the "Biblical Repertory and Princeton Re-view," enlarging its plan in 1829, and remained its editor until it was changed into the " Presbyterian Quarterly and Princeton Review " in 1872. In 1846 he was moderator of the general assembly of the Presbyterian church (old school), and in 1858 one of a committee to revise the " Book of Discipline." The semi-centennial anniversary of his professorship was celebrated at Princeton, April 24, 1872, by a gathering of between 400 and 500 classmates and former pupils. A record of the celebration was published in a volume.

Among the works of Dr. Hodge are a " Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans" (Philadelphia, 1835; abridged, 1836; rewritten and enlarged, 1866); "Constitutional History of the Presbyterian Church in the United States" (2 vols., 1840-'41); "The Way of Life" (1842); commentaries on Ephesians (1856), 1st Corinthians (1857), and 2d Corinthians (1860); "Systematic Theology" (3 vols., 1871-'2); and "What is Darwinism?" (1874). Selections from his contributions to the " Princeton Review " have been reprinted in the " Princeton Theological Essays" (2 vols., 1846-'7), and in his "Essays and Reviews" (1857). II. Archibald Alexander, an American clergyman, son of the preceding, born at Princeton, N. J., July 18, 1823. He graduated there in 1841, was tutor in the college from 1844 to 1846, graduated at the Princeton theological seminary in 1847, and went as a missionary of the Presbyterian board to Allahabad, returning in 1850. He became pastor at Nottingham, Cecil co., Md., in 1851, at Fredericksburg, Va., in 1855, at Wilkesbarre, Pa., in 1861, and at Allegheny City in 1866. In 1864 he was appointed professor of didactic, historical, and polemic theology in the Western theological seminary in Allegheny City. He has published " Outlines of Theology " (New York, 1800; translated into Welsh, 1863); "The Atonement" (1867); "Commentary on the Confession of Faith" (1869); and "Presbyterian Doctrine briefly stated " (1869).