Increase Allen Lapham, an American physicist, born at Palmyra, N. Y., March 7, 1811. He was engaged as a civil engineer on the Welland canal, in Canada, and afterward on the canal around the falls of the Ohio at Louisville, Ky., where he began the collection of his herbarium, which now contains about 8,000 specimens. From 1833 to 1835 he was secretary of the Ohio board of canal commissioners. In 1836 he removed to Milwaukee, Wis., where he now resides, and where he has held several municipal and other offices. In 1862 he was elected president of the Wisconsin historical society. In 1873 he was appointed state geologist, and in 1874 was engaged in making a thorough geological and topographical survey of Wisconsin. He has been a frequent contributor to scientific periodicals, and was the first to demonstrate from minute personal observations that there is a slight lunar tide in Lake Huron. Among his productions are: "Notice of the Louisville Canal, and of the Geology of the Vicinity" (in Silliman's "Journal," 1827); " Wisconsin: its Geography, Topography, History, Geology, and Mineralogy" (1844; 2d ed., 1855); a " Geological Map of Wisconsin" (1855); and " Antiquities of Wisconsin " (in the "Smithsonian Contributions," vol. vii., 1855). In 1867 he made a valuable report to the legislature of Wisconsin upon the disastrous effects of the destruction of forest trees; and in 1869 he presented a memorial to congress suggesting that system of weather reports which has since been adopted.