Jacques Antoiiic Marie Deliniers, viceroy of Buenos Ayres, born at Niort in France, Feb. 6, 1756, shot at Buenos Ayres in 1810. He entered the Spanish navy, attained the rank of captain, and during the war with Great Britain was sent on a mission to South America. On the capture of Montevideo in June, 1806, by the English under Beresford, Deliniers, being then at Buenos Ayres, collected a force and marched against the conquerors, whom he compelled to capitulate (Aug. 12). For this exploit, in accordance with the wish of the people, he was made viceroy of Buenos Ayres. Montevideo was, however, recaptured by the British, under Auchmuty, Feb. 3, 1807. Soon after Deliniers was attacked by the English in the vicinity of Buenos Ayres, and driven within its walls. The English immediately besieged it, but were finally obliged to retire with great loss. Deliniers shortly afterward compelled them to engage to abandon Montevideo and the whole country of the Plata within two months. Afterward espousing the royal cause, he was driven from the city by the party of independence; but he had recovered his power when a new viceroy, Don Balthasar de Cisneros, was sent out from Spain to replace him.

Deliniers received the title of count of Buenos Ayres, and was ordered to return to Europe, but retired to Mendoza. His deposition produced a revolution which compelled Oisneros to abdicate; but when Deliniers with 2,000 men attempted to reestablish the royal authority, he was defeated and captured by the revolutionists, and shot with several others.