James H Rigg, an English clergyman born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1821. He entered the Wesley an ministry in 1845, and soon exerted great influence. In 1852 he published a series of papers entitled "Wesleyan Con-nectionalism and Congregational Independency Contrasted," and was appointed editor of the "London Quarterly Review," the Wesleyan organ; some of his contributions to which were collected under the title. "Modern Anglican Theology" (8vo, 1857). Since 1868 he has been principal of the Wesleyan normal college at Westminster, and since 1870 a member of the London school board. He was a delegate to the conference of the evangelical alliance in New York in 1873, and has received the degree of D. D. from Dickinson college, Pa. His principal works are: "The Sabbath and the Sabbath Law, before and after Christ;" "The Relations of Wesley and Wesleyan Methodism to the Church of England;" "Wesley's Character and Opinions in Early Life;" "John Wesley in Mature and Later Life;" "Essays for the Times" (8vo, 1866); and "National Education in its Social Conditions and Aspects, and Public Elementary School Education, English and Foreign" (8vo, 1873).