John The Fearless, duke of Burgundy, born about 1370, assassinated Sept. 10, 1419. He was the son of Philip the Bold, whom he succeeded in 1404, and took immediate measures to secure for himself the influence which his father had possessed in the government of France. He was opposed by the queen and the duke of Orleans, brother of the king. The duke of Orleans was murdered in Paris by assassins hired by John in 1407". A civil war ensued, in which John was supported by Henry IV. of England (1411); it was suspended by the treaty of Arras in 1414. In 1416 John entered into a secret alliance with Henry V. of England, and soon overran a great part of France, and in 1418 obtained possession of the king's person. A plot was formed to assassinate him, in pursuance of which he was invited to meet the dauphin, on the bridge of Mon-tereau. He went there with an escort slightly armed, and perished with many of his companions, the rest escaping by flight. He was succeeded by his son Philip the Good.