Jose Maria Morelos, a Mexican revolutionist, born in 1780, shot in the city of Mexico, Dec. 22, 1815. He was curate of Nucupetaro in Valladolid, and in October, 1810, joined the insurgent chief Hidalgo against the Spaniards, receiving a commission to act as captain general of the provinces on the S. W. coast. He set out with five negroes to conquer Aca-pulco, which was strongly garrisoned. On his march he was joined by about 1,000 men, chiefly negro slaves, with whom under cover of night he surprised and signally defeated the Spaniards, Jan. 25, 1811. His army at length acquired discipline, and he encountered the Spanish army at Cuautla Aniilpas, Feb. 19, 1812, and defeated it after a hard-fought battle, in winch the royalists lost 500 men. A second annv was scent against him, and for several weeks he was besieged in Cuautla, from which he skilfullv withdrew his troops May 2, in the face of a greatly superior force. Subsequently he won several victories, captured Orizaba, Tehuacan, and Oajaca, and at length compelled Acapuleo to surrender, Aug. 30, 1813. In December of the same year he marched against Valladolid, but was defeated there by Iturbide with great loss.

From this time he suffered a succession of defeats, till on Nov. 16, 1815, he was taken prisoner after a gallant resistance against an overwhelming force, and was carried to Mexico, tried, and executed. He died with the utmost composure.