Justin Perkins, an American missionary, born at "West Springfield, Mass., March 12, 1805, died at Chicopee, Mass., Dec. 31, 1869. He graduated at Amherst college in 1829, spent two years in Andover theological seminary, and was for nearly a year tutor in Amherst college. In 1833 the American board designated him to commence a mission to the Nes-torians of Persia, and he was ordained Sept. 8. Soon afterward he sailed with his wife, and, after many difficulties, reached Urumiah in November, 1834. By the aid of a priest he reduced the language of the Nestorians to writing, and translated the whole Bible into the modern Syriac. He also translated other [ books, and prepared and published a commentary on Genesis and Daniel, besides aiding in the general missionary work and in establishing and directing the various mission schools. In 1842 he visited America, and brought with him Mar Yohanan, a bishop of the Nestorian church, who was one of the first converts. He returned to Persia in 1843, and was called soon after in company with another missionary to visit Teheran, the capital, to defend the Protestants against misrepresentation and persecution, in which he was entirely successful.

He visited his native country a second time in 1858, and again in 1868. His connection with the mission, of which he was the chief support, lasted about 36 years. He published "A Residence of Eight Years in Persia" (An-dover, 1843).