Karamania, Or Karaman Caramania, the former designation of a province of Asiatic Turkey, in the south of Asia Minor, now included in the vilayet of Konieh, mainly between lat. 37° and 39° N., and Ion. 31° and 36° E. It embraces ancient Lycaonia and Isauria, and portions of Pisidia, Pamphylia, Cilicia, and Cappadocia. It is noted for its genial climate, and for its tobacco, silk, cotton, sesamum, honey, wax, and excellent fruit. The soil is rich and dry, yielding abundant harvests; the vine and fig tree, the laurel, myrtle, and clematis, and many odoriferous shrubs flourish in profusion. The Taurus range traverses its entire length, and forests of oaks and pines 100 ft. high cover the mountain. The principal rivers are the Kizil-Irmak and the Sihun. In the S. W. are numerous small lakes, also mineral springs. Fish abound in the rivers and the numerous small streams of the country. The inhabitants are mainly devoted to agricultural pursuits, particularly to the rearing of live stock, the vast plains affording abundant pasturage. The villages of the shepherds are composed of huts covered with skins; most other houses are of earth, or of brick baked in the sun,and present a miserable appearance.

Trade embraces, besides the products named, wool, horse and camel hair, gum tragacanth, which abounds in the mountainous districts, and various other commodities. The exports are carried on by caravans or through the nearest shipping ports.