Karl Ferdinand Buol-Schauenstein, count von, an Austrian statesman, born May 17,1797, died in Vienna, Oct. 28, 1865. He was descended from an ancient Grison family, and under the direction of his father, who represented Austria at the diet of Frankfort, he was early introduced into the diplomatic service. He was appointed minister at Carlsruhe in 1828, at Stuttgart in 1838, at Turin in 1844, and at St. Petersburg in 1848. In 1850 he cooperated with Meyendorff in the conferences of Olmutz, and afterward attended those of Dresden. In 1851 he was sent as ambassador to London, and on the death of Schwarzenberg, in April, 1852, he became premier and minister of foreign affairs. It was mainly through his influence that Austria did not join Russia in the Crimean war, and that the treaty of Dec. 2, 1854, was signed. He originated the congress of faris, and attended it with Hiibner to sign the treaty of peace, March 30, 1856. He left office in May, 1859, and was succeeded by Count Rechberg.