Karl Friedrich Von Ledebour, a German traveller, born in Stralsund, July 8, 1785, died in Munich, July 4, 1851. He graduated at Stockholm as doctor of philosophy at an early age, and was appointed in 1805 teacher and director of the botanic garden at Greifswald. In 1811 he became professor of natural history at the university of Dorpat in Russia. In 1826 he explored the Altai mountains, and the result of his investigations is embodied in his Reise durch das Altaigebirge und die Dson-garische Kirgisensteppe (2 vols., Berlin, 1829-'30), and in his Flora Altaica (4 vols., Berlin, 1829-'34). In the preparation of the latter work, as well as in that of Icones Plantarum Nouarurn Floram Rossicam illustrantes (5 vols, fob, with 500 colored plates, Riga, 1829-'34), he was assisted by his travelling companions Meyer and Bunge. He regarded his Flora Ros-sica (3 vols., Stuttgart, 1842-'51) as his greatest scientific achievement. He resided successively in Odessa and Heidelberg, and in Munich from 1843 to the time of his death.