Karl Friedridi Philipp Von Martius, a German traveller, born in Erlangen in 1794. died in Munich, Dec. 13, 1868. He graduated as a physician at the university of his native town, and from 1817 to 1820 accompanied Spix in Brazil as botanist, and published Reise naeh Brasilien (3 vols., Munich, 1824-'31). The herbarium which he brought back to Germany included more than 7,00u species. On his return he was ennobled, and appointed professor and director of the botanic garden at Munich, from which he retired in 1864, and became president of the botanical society of Ratisbon. The botanical results of his journey he embodied in Nova Genera et Species Plantarum (3 vols., 1824-'32) and in Icones Plantarum Cryptogamicarum (1828-'34). His chief labor, however, he devoted to the study and collection of palms, and his Genera et Species Pal-marum (3 vols., 1823-'45) is a magnificent contribution to botanical literature. His Flora Brasiliensis, commenced in Stuttgart in 1829, was continued under his direction, with the cooperation of several eminent botanists (No. 54, 1871). His latest works, partly post humous, include Beitrdge zur Ethnographic und Sprachenkunde Amerihis (Leipsic, 1867).