Laurens Perseus Hickok, an American metaphysician, born in Danbury, Conn., Dec. 29, 1798. He graduated at Union college in 1820, devoted himself to theology, was licensed as a preacher in 1822, and was pastor successively at Newtown, Kent, and Litchfield, till in 1836 he was elected professor of theology in the Western Reserve college, Ohio, where he remained eight years. In 1844 he became professor in the Auburn theological seminary, and in 1852 removed to Schenectady, N. Y., to become professor of mental and moral science and vice president of Union college. He became president of the college March 1, 1866, and resigned July 20, 1868, when he removed to Amherst, Mass., where he now (1874) resides. He has published " Rational Psychology" (8vo, Auburn, 1848); "Moral Science" (Schenectady, 1853); "Empirical Psychology, or the Human Mind as given in Consciousness" (1854); "Rational Cosmology" (New York, 1858); "Creator and Creation, or the Knowledge in the Reason of God and His Works " (Boston, 1872); and " Humanity Immortal, or Man Tried, Fallen, and Redeemed " (1872). He is now (1874) preparing for publication a work entitled " Rational Logic, or True Logic must Strike Root in Reason."