Le Main's, a town of France, capital of the department of Sarthe, 118 m. S. W. of Paris, on the W. bank of the river Sarthe, here crossed by three bridges; pop. in 1872. 46,981. It is the seat of a bishop, consists of an old town and a new town, has a considerable trade in local products, and manufactures coarse woollens, yarns, lace, linen, paper, and soap. The cathedral of St. Julien, dating from the 12th century, is famous for its tine Gothic choir and painted windows. It is a place of great antiquity, having been founded in the 2d century by the Romans, and called Suindinum or Cenomani, after the Gallic people of the same name, in whose territory it v aa situated. During the war of the league Le Mans was captured by I bury IV.; and in Iv-cember, 1793, it was the scene of the destruction of the Vendean army, when more than 10,000 persons were slaughtered. On Jan. 11 and 12, 1871, the French army of the Loire, under Gen. Chanzy, was here defeated and almost annihilated by Prince Frederick Charles of Prussia. The town itself was occupied by the Germans on Jan. 12.