Lonis Marie De La Haie Cormenin, viscount de, a French politician, born in Paris, Jan. 6,1788, died May 6, 1868. Admitted to the bar in 1808, he was two years later appointed by the emperor auditor in the council of state. On the restoration he joined the royalists, was promoted to the office of master of requests, was faithful to the Bourbons during the hundred days, and resumed his situation on their second return. He now published several legal treatises, the most important of which has passed through several editions under the title of Droit administratif; and in return he received the title of baron, and afterward of viscount. In 1826 he joined the liberal party, was elected to the chamber of deputies in 1828, acted with the opposition, opposed the election of Louis Philippe in 1830, and after it refused a seat in the new council of state, and resigned his place in the chamber of deputies. He was reelected, however, from the department of Ain. In 1831 he was elected simultaneously by four electoral districts, and in 1834 reelected for Joigny and another district, and choosing Joigny represented it until the session before the last of the old chamber.

He wrote several political pamphlets of great influence, among them one which killed the bill demanding an apanage for the duke de Nemours, and, under the nom de plume of "Timon" several brilliant sketches of political characters, which were republished in a volume called the Livre des orateurs (translated into. English, New York, 1847). In 1845 and 1846 he wrote two pamphlets on the ultramontane controversy, which impaired his popularity. He was a champion of universal suffrage, and after the revolution of 1848 was chosen to the constituent assembly by four electoral districts, was made chairman of the committee on the constitution, and had a large share in framing the republican constitution of 1848. On the coup d'etat of Dec. 2 he denounced its author, but afterward accepted a seat in the new council of state. He was the originator of several institutions of charity and benevolence. Besides his law books and pamphlets, M. Cormenin published Etudes sur lea orateurs parlementaires (1838; 15th ed., 1847); En-tretiens de village (1846), which reached six editions in the first year, and of which a part appeared in 1856 under the title of Dialogues de maitre Pierre, and gained a prize; and Le droit de tonnage en Algerie (1866).