Lorin Blodget, an American physicist, born at Jamestown, N. Y., May 25, 1823. He began early to make observations in physical science, and in 1851 became assistant at the Smithsonian institution, Washington, having in charge the researches in climatological and atmospheric physics. In 1852-'3 he directed the organization of the Pacific railroad surveys in the matter of the determination of altitudes and gradients by means of the barometer. In 1854 he prepared a quarto volume of the statistics of scientific observation at the United States military posts. In 1857 he published a valuable work on "The Climatology of the United States, and of the Temperate Latitudes of the North American Continent," which was widely circulated in Europe, and for which he was highly complimented by Humboldt. It continues to be the standard work on the subject. In 1863 he was placed in charge of the financial and statistical reports of the treasury department, of which he prepared five volumes, 1862-'3 to 1864-'5. Since 1865 he has been United States appraiser at large of customs.

For the treasury department he prepared, from 1805 to 1807, reports on finance and revenue; reports on industrial progress and census of industry, 1861 and 1871; and on the resources of North Carolina, 1870. His pamphlet on the "Commercial and Financial Resources of the United States," in 1864, was reprinted in Germany, and did much to sustain the credit of the government in the money markets of the old world.