Lucius Aelius Sejanus, a Roman conspirator, born at Volsinii in Etruria, put to death A. D.

31. He was first attached to the interests of the infant Cams Caesar (Caligula), the son of Germanicus, but shortly after the accession of Tiberius was appointed to the command of the praetorian guard in conjunction with his father, Seius Strabo, who had held the post under Augustus; and when his father became governor of Egypt, the sole command of the praetorian cohort devolved upon Sejanus. As his popularity with the guard increased he aspired to the imperial power. To remove Drusus, the heir of Tiberius, he caused his wife Livia or Livilla to poison him, promising to marry her afterward. He procured the banishment of Nero and Drusus, the sons of Germanicus, and of their mother Agrippina. His wife Api-cata had been divorced soon after the death of Drusus, but Tiberius refused to consent to his marriage with Livia. In 26 he induced Tiberius to reside permanently in the island of Capraea, and give himself up to a life of sensual pleasure, and for nearly five years Sejanus acted and was recognized as the representative of the emperor. He was about to hasten the development of his plan when Tiberius, being informed of it, gave the command of the praetorian guard to Nervius Sertorius Macro, and had the death of Sejanus decreed by the senate.

He was strangled, and his body was torn to pieces by the populace.