Marcus Coeceius Nerva, a Roman emperor, born probably in Narnia, Umbria, A. D. 32, died in Rome, Jan. 23, 98. He was twice consul before his accession to the purple, in 71 with Vespasian, and in 90 with Domitian. On the assassination of Domitian, in September, 96, Nerva was proclaimed emperor by the people and soldiers. He discontinued Domitian's prosecutions for treason, discountenanced informers, permitted exiles to return, distributed land among the poor, and made occasional donations of money and corn. By suppressing many public shows and festivals, and diminishing the expense of such as were tolerated, he economized the revenue, and increased the resources of his empire. In the second year of his reign a conspiracy was formed against him, at the head of which was a descendant of the triumvir Crassus. It was discovered in time; but Nerva having sworn, when accepting office, that no senator should suffer death under his rule, the loader was only banished to Tarentum and the other conspirators were pardoned.