Marschner Heinrich, a German composer, born in Zittau, Aug. 16, 1795, died in Hanover, Dee. 13, 1801. He was almost a self-taught musician, his parents being too poor to afford him proper instruction,He acquired a little knowledge of the art here and there, and with this set about composing in every form. Having composed a ballet for a troup of dancers, the orchestra was brought to a sudden stop, the horns having notes to play that were not on their instruments. In 1810 he wrote a little opera, Der Kyffhauserberg, and in 1819 he produced at Dresden Heinrich IV. unci Au-bigne, an opera in three acts. In 1823 he became, jointly with Morlacchi and Von Weber. musical director of the opera in Dresden. In 1828 Der Vampyr, his most celebrated work, was produced at Leipsic. In 1830 he was called to Hanover as chapelmaster to the king, and there he composed two other suc-cessful works. Das Schloss am Aetna and Hans Ueiling. He also composed many songs for single voices, ten collections of male-voice part songs, trios, and quartets for instruments, and a variety of sonatas, fantasias, and rondos.