I. An Ancient People Of Italy

An Ancient People Of Italy, of Sabine race. They dwelt in the central Apennines, their territory surrounding Lake Fuci-nus (now Lago di Celano), where they bordered upon the Sabines and Vestini to the north, the Peligni toward the east, the Sam-nites and Volscians to the south and southwest, and the .Equi and Ilernici to the west. Their principal town was Marruvium or Maruvium (San Benedetto), on the E. bank of the lake. Their origin is ascribed by some legends to Marsyas of Phrygia, and by others to a son of the sorceress Circe, probably from their acquaintance with the medicinal qualities of come plants growing among the mountains of their territory, which were used as remedies against the bites of snakes The Marsi enjoyed a great reputation for bravery among the Romans, against whom they fought in alliance with their neighbors, the Peligni, Mar-rucini, and other Sabellian tribes, in the latter part of the 4th century B. C, finally concluding a peace in 304. Having been for about 200 years the stanch allies of the republic, they became the prime movers of the great war known as the social or Marsic, waged for the right of the Roman franchise, which, though often defeated, they finally secured.

It was proverbial among the Romans that " no triumph can be obtained over the Marsi or without them." II. An ancient people of Germany, on the banks of the Ems, probably a tribe of the Cherusci, with whom they fought under Arminius.