I. A N. E. County Of Illinois

I. A N. E. County Of Illinois, bordering on Wisconsin, drained by Fox and Des Plaines rivers and their branches; area, 470 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 23,762. The surface is nearly level and the soil fertile. Limestone abounds. Several divisions of the Chicago and Northwestern railroad pass through it. The chief productions in 1870 were 402,060 bushels of wheat, 1,145,005 of Indian corn, 910,397 of oats, 77,456 of barley, 303,467 of potatoes, 13,873 of flax seed, 290,022 lbs. of wool, 910,-226 of butter, 192,158 of cheese, and 71,742 tons of hay. There were 10,382 horses, 16,-378 milch cows, 14,944 other cattle, 64,331 sheep, and 21,181 swine; 9 manufactories of carriages, 18 of cheese boxes, 12 of saddlery and harness, 3 of sash, doors, and blinds, 3 of brick, and 12 flour mills. Capital, Dorr.

II. A N. County Of Dakota

II. A N. County Of Dakota, recently formed, and not included in the census of 1870; area, about 1,650 sq. m. It is drained by Cheyenne and Mouse rivers, and contains several small lakes. There are extensive sand hills and several elevated points called buttes. The surface consists mostly of rolling prairies.