Meadville, a city and the capital of Crawford co., Pennsylvania, on the E. bank of French creek, and on the Atlantic and Great W estern railroad at the junction of the Franklin branch, 82 m. N. by W. of Pittsburgh and 34 m. S. of Erie; pop, in 1850, 2,578; in 1850, 3702; in 1870, 7,103. It is situated in the midst of a fertile country, and has an extensive trade with the oil regions. Its manufactures are important, the chief establishments being machine works and woollen mills. There are also paper mills, an edge-tool factory, etc. The business portion is compactly built. In the suburbs is Greendale cemetery, well laid out. The city contains a handsome court house, a state arsenal, an opera house, two national banks with a joint capital of $300,000, two savings banks, 19 graded public schools, including a high school, a public library with 2,500 volumes, a daily and three weekly newspapers, and 15 churches. Allegheny college occupies tbree buildings on a hill N. of the city. It was founded in 1817, and since 1833 has been under the direction of the Methodist Episcopal church. It is open to both sexes, and in 1873-'4 had 6 instructors, 40 preparatory and 64 collegiate students, and libraries containing 12,000 volumes.

The Meadville theological school, under the control of the Unitarians, was established in 1844, and in 1873-'4 had 4 resident professors, 7 other instructors, 21 students, and a library of 12,000 volumes. Meadville was founded in 1789.