I. In Polar America

See Melville Sound.

II. An Island Lying Off The N. W. Coast Of Australia

An Island Lying Off The N. W. Coast Of Australia, between lat. 11° 8' and 11° 56' S., and Ion. 130° 20' and 131° 34' E.; area, about 1,800 sq. m. It is separated from the mainland on the east by Dundas strait, which is 15 m. wide, and on the south by Clarence strait and Van Diemen's gulf; while on the west it is severed from Bathurst island by Apsley strait. The N. and W. coast is low, and indented with shallow bays, but elsewhere the coast is high and precipitous. In the centre the island rises from 130 to 200 ft. Vegetation is luxuriant. Several species of eucalyptus are among the most abundant forest trees. The cabbage tree is common, and ginger grows wild. The fauna is identical with that of Australia. Alligators and turtles abound on the coast. The climate from October to May, owing to the great heat and humidity of the atmosphere, is unhealthy, but from May to October it is salubrious. The natives are chiefly hunters, and are more athletic and enterprising than those of Australia.