Melville Sound, Or Parry Sonnd, a body of water in the north polar regions of America, lying between lat. 72° and 75° N., .and Ion. 100° and 115° W., enclosed between the Parry islands (Melville, Byam Martin, Bathurst, &c), on the N, Prince of Wales Land on the S. E., Prince Albert Land on the S. W. and Baring island or Banks Land on the W.; length E. and W. about 300 m.; breadth N. and S. 200 m. Byam Martin channel opens into it on the N.; Banks strait connects it with the Arctic ocean on the N. W.; on the S. an opening discovered by Capt. Allen Young of McClintock's expedition in 1859, and since named McClintock channel, leads between Prince Albert and Victoria Lands and Prince of Wales Land into Victoria channel; and on the E. it communicates through Barrow strait and Lancaster sound with Baffin bay. - Melville Island, which lies N. W. of the sound, is irregular in form, and measures about 230 m. from E. to W. and 130 in greatest breadth. Its coast line is broken by several deep gulfs, and it has numerous peninsulas, the chief of which are Sabine ahd Dundas. It is separated from Bathurst and Byam Martin islands by Byam Martin channel, and from Prince Patrick and Eglinton islands by Fitz William and Kellet straits.

The geological formation of its N. part is carboniferous limestone, and of the rest lower carboniferous sandstone with beds of coal. - Melville Peninsula is a projection of the N. coast of the American continent, bounded N. by Fury and Hecla strait, which separates it from Cockburn island, E. by Fox channel, S. by Frozen strait and Rowe's Welcome, and W. by Committee bay, at the head of the gulf of Boothia. It is connected with the mainland by Rae isthmus at the S. W. It lies between lat. 66° 10' and 69° 50' N., and Ion. 81° and 87° W., and measures about 280 m. from N. to S. and 150 m. from E. to W.