Mompos, Or Mompox, an inland city of the United States of Colombia, in the state of Santa Marta. on the Magdalena, about 300 m. N. by W. of Bogota; pop. about 11,000. The city is on a large island formed by the Magdalena, the Cafio Lova, the Caflo Sicuco, and the Oauca. The streets are very long, wide, and well kept. Some of the houses have two stories, are tile-roofed, and present an agreeable aspect. Besides the parish church, there are three other churches attached to convents, all well built. Several primary schools were opened in 1872 and 1873. The climate is hot, humid, and generally unhealthy; the thermometer ranges for most of the year from 85° to 100° F. Alligators and mosquitoes of enormous size are common. It is rare to see a native free from goitre. The soil is remarkably fertile. The port is defended by forts of comparatively modern construction, and there is an excellent mole which protects the city from damage during the periodical swelling of the river, which in December often rises 12 ft above its usual level.

Mompos was long the principal entrepot for the whole basin of the Magdalena; and an important trade is still carrued on with Ocafla, Giron, Antioquia, and the upper Magdalena, in tobacco, sugar flour, cacao, coarse cotton fabrics, and precious metals. -The city was founded in 1540 It has exporionced several disastrous inundations, especially in 1762, when the inhabitants were saved by taking to canoes.