Monserrat, Or Montserrat, a mountain in Catalonia, Spain, on the right bank of the river Llobregat, in the province and about 25 m. N. W. of the city of Barcelona. It is about 24 m. in circumference, and its summit consists of several jagged serrated peaks, the highest of which is 4,057 ft. above the sea. Far up the E. side stands the monastery of the same name, which owes its origin to an image of the Virgin, said to have been made by the apostle Luke and brought to Barcelona in A. D. 50 by the apostle Peter. At the time of the Moorish invasion it was hidden in the hill, but was discovered in 880. and on a spot indicated, as was asserted, by the image, a chapel was built over it. A convent was founded, which was converted into a Benedictine monastery in 970. The chapel which now contains the image was founded in 1592. The monastery was sup-pressed in 1835, but some of the monks were allowed to remain. Several fortifications were made on this mountain during the peninsular war. as the high road from Manresa across the Llobregat traverses it. There is a multitude of shrines and hermitages.

About 00,000 pilgrims and tourists annually visit the convent, and during the fete of the Virgin in September railway trains and omnibuses run continually from Barcelona.