I. Thomas

Thomas, an American artist, born in Bolton. Lancashire, England, Jan. 12, 1837. His family came to the United States when he was seven years old and settled in Philadelphia. At the age of 16 he was apprenticed to an engraver, but at 19 became a landscape painter, though he never studied under any master. In 1861 he visited England to study the works of Turner and other English artists, returning in 1862. In 1866 he visited England, France, Italy, and Switzerland. He removed to Newark in 1871, and accompanied an exploring expedition to the Yellowstone river. On his return he painted (1871-'2) "The Grand Canon of the Yellowstone," on a canvas 7 by 12 ft, in size. He afterward visited many parts of the west, including the Yosemite valley and the canons of the Colorado river, and from studies made in the latter region painted (1873-'4) "The Chasm of the Colorado," a picture of the same size. For these two paintings, which were bought by congress, and were the first landscapes ever purchased by the government, the artist received $20,000. Among his other works are: "Balboa discovering the Pacific." (1860) "Salvator Rosa sketching Banditti (1860); "Childe Roland" (1861)" "Autumn on the Wissahickon" (1863)- "The Wilds of Lake Superior" (1864); -The Track of the Storm" (1865-'6); -The Woods were God's first remples"(1867); "Hiawatha and the Serpents" (1868); " Dream Land" (1869) and "The Castle of Indolence" (1871) He a also a successful illustrator of books.

II. Peter An American Artist

Peter An American Artist, brother of the preceding born in Bolton, March 4,1842. "When 16 years old he was apprenticed to a lithographic printer, but soon began the study of landscape painting with his brother Thomas. Having become convinced that his best efforts were in animal painting, he went to London in 1864 and spent many months in the study of Landseer's works. Among his principal works are: "A Quarrelsome Family," "Domestic Felicity," "Return from the Fair," "Troublesome Models," "The Dawn of Day," "Morning after the Storm," "The Critics," "An Outcast," and "A Rainy Day." - Edward, another brother, is also an artist, devoting himself to marine subjects.