Nathan Lord, an American clergyman, born at Berwick, Me., Nov. 28, 1793, died at Hanover, N. H., Sept. 9, 1870. He graduated at Bowdoin college in 1809, and at Andover theological seminary in 1815. In May, 1816, he was ordained pastor of the Congregational church in Amherst, N. H., where he remained 12 years. From 1828 to 1863 he was president of Dartmouth college, and during that time 1,824 students graduated. He was an occasional contributor to theological reviews, and published numerous sermons as well as essays and letters on topics in theology and ethics. Among the latter are a "Letter to the Rev. Daniel Dana, D. D., on Prof. Park's Theology of New England" (1852); an essay on the millennium, read to the general convention of New Hampshire (1854); and two "Letters to Ministers of the Gospel of all Denominations on Slavery" (1854-'5), in which he endeavors by Biblical and religious arguments to prove the lawfulness of slavery. He also edited with an introductory notice a selection from the sermons of his son, the Rev. John K. Lord, a Congregational clergyman, who died in Cincinnati in June, 1849 (Boston, 1850).