Pedro Alvarez De Cabral, a Portuguese navigator, died about 1526. In March, 1500, he was placed in command of the expedition of 15 vessels fitted out by Emanuel, king of Portugal, after the discovery of the route to India around the Cape of Good Hope by Vasco da Gama. After passing the Canaries he was carried so far to the west that he reached the coast of Brazil, arriving a few months after its first discovery by Pinzon, the companion of Columbus. He took possession of the country in the name of the king of Portugal, and sent home a vessel to announce his discovery. He then continued his voyage for India by way of the Cape of Good Hope; but before reaching the cape he encountered a severe storm and lost four of his vessels. Cabral stopped at Mozambique for repairs, and sailed thence with only six vessels. He visited several points of India, among which was Calicut, where he established a factory, and returned to Lisbon in July, 1501, with valuable cargoes of Indian merchandise. No further mention is made of him in history.