Dictionary Of Abbreviations: A

A. or @. At or to

A. B. Bachelor of Arts

Abbr. Abbreviated

A. C. Before Christ (Ante Christum)

Acct. Account

A. D. (Anno Domini). In the year of our Lord Adjt.-Gen. Adjutant-General Adm. Admiral, Admiralty Admr. Administrator Adv. Adverb Agt. Agent Alex. Alexander A.M. Before Noon Anon. Anonymous Apr. April

Ariz. Ter. Arizona Territory Atty. Attorney A. U. C. In the year of Rome Ave. Avenue

A. A. G. Assistant Adjutant-General. Abb. Abbott, Abbess Abp. Archbishop Adj. Adjective Adjt. Adjutant A. D. C. Aide-de-camp Ad. lib. At pleasure {Ad libitum) Admx. Administratrix AEt. (AEtatis). Of age, aged. Ala. Alabama A. M. Master of arts Amt. Amount Ans. Answer A. R. Year of the reign Ark. Arkansas Atty.Gen. Attorney-General Aug. August Avoir. Avoirdupois

Dictionary Of Abbreviations: B

b. Born

Bal. Balance

Bart. or Bt. Baronet

B. C. Before Christ

Bk. Bank; book

Bp. Bishop

Brig. Brigade; brigadier

B. A. British America

B.A. Bachelor of Arts

Bbl. Barrel

B.D. Bachelor of Divinity

Bot. Botany

Br. or bro. Brother

Brig. Gen. Brigadier-General

Dictionary Of Abbreviations: C

Chap. Chapter Cal. California Cath. Catholic C. C. P. Court of Common Pleas

C. or cent. (centum). A hundred Capt. Captain Cat. Catalogue Cen. Century

C. H. Court House

Chas. Charles

Chron. Chronicles

C. J. Chief Justice

C. M. Common Master

Colo. Colorado

C. 0. D. Cash (or collect) on delivery Conn. or Ct. Connecticut Cor. Mem. Corresponding Member Cor. Sec. Corresponding Secretary

Chap. Chaplain Chem. Chemistry Cin. Cincinnati Old. or old. Cleared Co. Company; county Col. Colonel; Colossians Col. Colorado. Cor. Corinthians; corner

Cr. Creditor; credit

Cwt. Hundredweight

Ct. Connecticut; Count; Court

Dictionary Of Abbreviations: D

d. Penny; pence

D. Five hundred

D. C. District of Columbia

D. C. L. Doctor of Civil Law

Dea. Deacon

Deft. or dft. Defendant

Del. Delaware

Dept. Department

Diam. Diameter

Dist. District

Div. Dividend

Dol.; dols.; $. Dollars

Dr. Doctor; debtor; dram d. Died; day

Dan. Daniel; Danish

D. C. (da capo). Again

D. D. Doctor of Divinity

Dec. December

Deg. Degree or degrees

Dep. Deputy

Deut. Deuteronomy

Disc. Discount

Dist.-Atty. District-Attorney

Do. or do. (ditto). The same

Doz. or doz. Dozen

Dwt. Pennyweight

Dictionary Of Abbreviations: E

E. East

Ed. Editor; edition

Edw. Edward e. g. (exempli gratid). For example

Eliz. Elizabeth

Eng. England; English

Esd. Esdras

Esq. or Esqr. Esquire

Etc. or etc. or etc. And so forth;

Et seq. (at sequentia). And what follows Ex. Exodus Exec. Executor

Eccl. or Eccles. Ecclesiastes Ecclus. Ecclesiasticus E. E. Errors excepted E. I. East India or East Indies E. N. E. East-northeast Eph. Ephesians; Ephraim E.S.E. East-southeast et. al. (et alii). And others and the like; and others. Ex. Example Exch. Exchequer Ezek. Ezekiel

Dictionary Of Abbreviations: F

Fahr. Fahrenheit Feb. February Fig. Figure Fol. Folio Fri. Friday-Fur. Furlong

Far. Farthing

Fern. Feminine

Fla. Florida

Fr. French; France; Franc

Ft. Foot; feet; fort

Fir. Firkin

Dictionary Of Abbreviations: G

Ga. Georgia

G. B. Great Britain

Gent. Gentleman

Geog. Geography

Geom. Geometry

Gov. Governor

Gram. Grammar

Gal. Galatians; gallon

Gen. Genesis; General

Geo. George

Geol. Geology

Ger. German: Germany

Gr. Greek; gross

Gro. Gross

Dictionary Of Abbreviations: H

H. or h. Hour

H. C. House of Commons

Heb. Hebrew

Hist. History; historical

H. I. H. His (or Her) Imperial

Highness H. M. S. His (or Her) Majesty's Hon. Honorable Hos. Hosea

H. B. M. His (or Her), Britannic

Majesty Hdkf. Handkerchief Hhd. Hogshead H. L. House of Lords H. M. His (or Her) Majesty Steamer, Ship or Service. Hort. Horticulture H. R. H. His (or Her) Royal


Dictionary Of Abbreviations: I

Ia. Iowa Ib. or ibid (ibidem). In the same

Id. (idem). The same place

III.. Illinois I. e. or i. e. (id est). That is

I. H. 8. (Jesus (or Jesus) Hominum Salvator). Jesus the Savior of men.

Incog. (incognito). Unknown In. or in. Inch; inches

Inst Of this month; instant Ind. Indiana; Index; Indian

I. N. R. I. Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews

Ire. Ireland Int. Interest

Ital. Italic; Italian I. 0. U. I owe you

Dictionary Of Abbreviations: J

J. Judge or Justice

Jam. Jamaica

Jap. Japan; Japanese

Je. June

Jno. John

Jos. Joseph

J. P. Justice of the Peace

Jul. July

JJ. Justices

Jan. January

Jas. James

Jer. Jeremiah

Jona. Jonathan

Josh. Joshua

Jr. Junior

Jus. Justinian

Dictionary Of Abbreviations: K

K. King

K. B. King's Bench

Knt. or Kt. Knight

Kan. Kansas

Ken. or Ky. Kentucky

Dictionary Of Abbreviations: L

L. I. . A pound sterling

Lam. Lamentations

Lat. Latitude

Ld. Lord

Lev. Leviticus

Lieut. or Lt. Lieutenant

L. L. D. Doctor of Law

L. S. (Locus Sigilli). Place of the Seal

La. Louisiana

Lat. Latin

Lb. or 11). Pound in weight

Lea. or lea. League

L. I. Long Island

L. L. B. Bachelor of Laws

Lon. or Long. Longitude