Dictionary Of Abbreviations: M

M. Noon, Meridian

M. or Mons. Sir, Monsieur

Mac. or Mace. Maccabees

Maj. Major

Mar. March

Masc. Masculine

Matt. Matthew

M. D. Doctor of Medicine

Mdlle. Mademoiselle

Mem. Memorandum

M. A thousand

M. A. Master of Arts

Mad. Madam

Maj.-Gen. Major-General.

Marq. Marquis

Mass. or Ms. Massachusetts

M. C. Member of Congress

M. D. Maryland

Me. Maine

Messrs. or M. M. Gentlemen, Sirs

Mi. or Miss. Mississippi

Min. Minute

Mlle. Mademoiselle

Mme. Madame

Mmes. Mesdames

Mo. Missouri

Mon. Monday

Mon. Monsieur or Sir

M. P. Member of Parliament

Mrs. Mistress or Missis

Mt. Mount or Mountain

Mich. Michigan Minn. Minnesota Miss. Misses M. M. Their Majesties M. M. Gentlemen M. M. Messieurs Mo. or mo. Month Mr. Mister or Master M. S. Manuscript MSS. Manuscripts

Dictionary Of Abbreviations: N

N. North

N. A. North America

N. B. Note well; take notice

N. E. New England; Northeast

Neh. Nehemiah

Nev. Nevada

N. H. New Hampshire

N. N. E. North-northeast

Nol. Pros. Unwilling to prosecute

Non. Seq. It does not follow

N. S. Nova Scotia

N. T. New Testament

N. W. Northwest

N. or n. Noun

N. B. New Brunswick

N. C. North Carolina

Neb. Nebraska

Nem. Con. No one contradicting


N. J. New Jersey

N. N. W. North-northwest

No. or no. Number

Nov. November

N. S. New Style (after 1752)

Num. Number

N. Y. New York

Dictionary Of Abbreviations: O

0. Ohio

Obad. Obadiah

Oct. October

0. S. Old Style (previous to 1752)

Or. Oregon

Ob. or ob. (Obut). Died Obj. Objective Olym. Olympiad 0. T. Old Testament Oz. or oz. Ounce

Dictionary Of Abbreviations: P

P. or p. Page; part; pipe

Par. Paragraph

Penn. or Pa. Pennsylvania

Per. an. {Per annum). By the year

Per. cent {Per centum). By the hundred

Phil. Philippiam; Philemon

P. M. {Post Meridian). Afternoon

P. O. Postoffice

Pp. or pp. Pages

Prof. Professor

Pro. tem. {Pro tempore). For the time being

Prox. {proximo). Next (month)

P. S. Postscript

Parl. Parliament

P. E. I. Prince Edward Island

Per. or pr. By the

Ph. D. Doctor of Philosophy

Plff. Plaintiff

Phila. Philadelphia

P. M. Postmaster

Pop. Population

Pres. President

Prot. Protestant

Prov. Proverbs

Prus. Prussia; Prussian

Ps. Psalm or Psalms

Pt. Pint, point, port

Pwt. Pennyweight

Dictionary Of Abbreviations: Q

Q. Question

Q. C. Queen's Counsel

Q. M. Quartermaster

Qr. Quarter

Q. v. or q. v. (quod vide). Which see Qy. Query

Q. or Qu. Query; Question; Queen

Q. E. D. Which was to be demonstrated

Q. M. G. Quartermaster-General

Qt. Quart

Dictionary Of Abbreviations: R

R. Take Recipe

R. A. Royal Academy

Regt. Regiment

Rep. Representative; Reporter

Rep. Republican; Republic

R. N. Royal Navy

Rom. Roman; Romans

R. R. Railroad

Russ. Russia

R. River; rood; rod Rev. Revelation; Reverend Rev. Review; Revolution R. I. Rhode Island Richd. Richard Robt. Robert

Rom. Cath. Roman Catholic Rt. Hon. Right Honorable Rt. Rev. Right Reverend

S. South; shilling

Sam. Samuel

Sax. Saxon

Schr. Schooner

Scot. Scotland

Sec. Secretary

Sen. Senate; Senator; Senior

Ser. Series

Sing. Singular

Sld. or sld. Sailed

S. M. Short meter

Soc. Society

Sq. ft. Square feet

Sq. in. Square inches

Sq. yd. Square yard

SS. or ss. (scilicet). Namely

S. S. E. South-southeast

St. Saint; street; strait

S. T. D. Doctor of Sacred Theology

Sun. Sunday

Surg. Surgeon; Surgery

Dictionary Of Abbreviations: S

S. A. South America

Sat. Saturday

S. C. South Carolina

Scil. or Sc. (scilicet). To wit

S. E. Southeast

Sect. Section

Sep, or Sept. September

Serg. Sergeant

S. J. C. Supreme Judicial Court

S. Lat. South Latitude

Sol. Solomon

Sp. Spain; Spanish

Sq. m. Square miles

Sq. r. Square rood

Sr. Sir; Senior

SS. or ss. (semis). Half

S. S. W. South-southwest

Stat. Statute

Ster., or Stg. Sterling

Supt. Superintendent

8.W. Southwest

Dictionary Of Abbreviations: T

Ten. or Tenn. Tennessee

Tex. Texas

Thess. Thessalonians

Mhos. Thomas

Tit. Titus

Treas. Treasurer

Trin. Trinity

Ter. Territory

Theo. Theodore

Th. or Thurs. Thursday

Tim. Timothy

Tr. Trustee

TVs. Trustees

Tu. or Tues. Tuesday

Dictionary Of Abbreviations: U

Ult. or ult. (ultimo). Last, or of the last month U. S. A. United States of

America U. S. M. United States Mail U. S. V. United States Volunteers

U. S. United States U. S. A. United States Army U. S. N. United States Navy U. S. S. United States Senate U. T. Utah Territory

Dictionary Of Abbreviations: Y

Va. Virginia

Vice. -Pres. Vice-President

Viz. or viz (videlicet). Namely;

To wit

V. R. (Victoria Regina). Queen Victoria Vs. or vs. (versus). Against or in opposition

Ver. Verse; Version

Vil. Village

Vol. Volume

Vt. Vermont

Dictionary Of Abbreviations: W

W. West

Wed. Wednesday

W. T. or W. Ind. West Indies

Wk. Week

W. N. W. West-northwest

W. S. W. West-southwest

W T. Wyoming Territory

Wash. Washington

Whf. Wharf

Wis. or Wise. Wisconsin

Wm. William

W. S. Writer of the Signet

W. Va. West Virginia

Wt. or wt. Weight

Dictionary Of Abbreviations: X

X. or Xt. Christ

Xmas. Christmas

Dictionary Of Abbreviations: Y

Yd. or yd. Yard

Yrs. Years

Dictionary Of Abbreviations: Z

Zach. Zachary Zeph. Zephaniah &. and

Zech. Zechariah

Zool. Zoology etc. And the rest; and so forth

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