Highest Mountain in the World

The loftiest mountain is Mount Everest of the Himalaya Range, having an elevation of 20,002 feet above the sea level.

Highest Mountain Range in the World

The highest mountain range is the Himalayas, the mean elevation being 18,000 feet above the sea level.

Highest Active Volcano in. the World

The highest volcano is Popocatepetl in Mexico. It is 17,784 feet above the sea level and it has a crater of over three miles in circumference and is 1,000 feet deep.

Largest Pyramid in the World

The largest pyramid is that of Cheops in Egypt, it is 456 feet hight its original height was 479 feet, its sides are 746 feet in length against 764, its original length. It originally contained 89,028,000 cubic feet of masonry, it now contains 82,111,000 cubic feet of masonry, its weight is estimated at 6,316,000 tons.

Largest Desert in the World

The largest desert is the Sahara, in Northern Africa, extending from the Atlantic Ocean on the west to the Valley of the Nile on the east, about 3,000 miles in length, and its average width is about 900 miles, its area 2,000,000 square miles.

Largest City of the World

The largest city is London, England, its population numbers 4,021,880 souls. New York, U. S., is fifth in size, its population being 1,550,000.

Largest Suspension Bridge in the World

The largest suspension bridge is the New York and Brooklyn. It was commenced in 1870 under the direction of civil engineer J. Roebling and was completed in 13 year3. The size of New York caisson is 172x102 feet; size of Brooklyn caisson, 168x122 feet; timber and iron in caissons, 5,253 cubic yards; concrete in wellholes, chambers, etc., 5,669 cubic feet; weight of New York caisson, 7,000 tons ; weight of concrete filling, 8,000 tons; New York tower contains 46,945 cubic yards masonry ; Brooklyn tower contains 38,214 cubic yards masonry; length of river span, 1,595 1/2 feet; length of each land span, 930 feet and 1,860 feet; length of Brooklyn approach, 971 feet ; length of New York approach, 1,562 1/2 feet; total length of bridge, 5.989 feet; width of bridge, 85 feet; number of cables, 4; diameter of each, 15| inches ; height of tower above roadway, 159 feet ; weight of each anchorage plate, 23 tons ; height of bridge above high-water mark, 135 feet; and the bridge cost $15,000,000.

The Largest Bell in the World

The largest bell is the great bell of Moscow, Russia, at the foot of the Kremlin. Its circumference at the bottom is nearly 68 feet, and its height more than 21 feet. In its thickest part it is 23 inches, and its weight has been estimated to be 443,772 pounds. It has never been hung, and has probably been cast on the spot where it now stands. A piece of the bell is broken off. The fracture is supposed to have been occasioned by water having been thrown on it when heated by the building erected over it being on fire.

Largest Statue of the World

The largest statue is Bartholdi's Statue of Liberty in New York harbor. This colossal statue was given by the people of the republic of France to the people of the United States of America, as a monument of ancient friendship and as an expression of the sympathy of France in the centennial of American Independence. It rests upon Bedloe's island in New York harbor, and in the face of the great cities of New York, Brooklyn, Jersey City and Hoboken. The Government has promised to maintain it in perpetuity as a lighthouse and beacon. The statue is 150 feet in height and cost $250,000. For the purpose of transportation from France the statue was divided into 300 distinct parts. The pedestal, including the foundation, is 182f feet above low water. The pedestal proper is 62 feet square at the base, 41 2/3 feet square at the top, and is 117 feet to the base of the statue. The entire length is 309 feet above low water. On the face of the pedestal are bronze shields, which display the coats-of-arms of the different States and Territories. From base of figure to top of torch is 151 feet; from base of figure to top of diadem, 116 feet; from the heel to the top of the head, 111 1/2 feet; length of index finger, 8 feet; circumference of the same at second joint, 4 feet 8 inches ; the finger nail is 1.14x85 feet; height of head, 14 1/2 feet; width of eye, 2 feet; length of nose, 3 feet 7 inches. The statue is provided with an electric light, which is visible 50 miles at sea.

The Largest Inland Sea in the World

The largest inland tea is the Caspian, lying between Europe and Asia. Its greatest length is 760 miles, its greatest breadth is 270 miles, and its area is 180,000 square miles. The Caspian Sea lies 84 feet below the sea level.

The Three Largest Countries of the World

The largest empire is that of Great Britain comprising 8,567,658 square miles, more than a sixth part of the land of the globe, and embracing under its rule nearly a sixth part of the population of the world.

The next largest is Russia, having 8,352,940 square miles.

The third largest is the United States of America, containing 3,581,243 square miles including Alaska, it ranks fourth in population with its 60,000,000 of people.

The Highest Natural Bridge in the World

The highest natural bridge in the world is in Rockbridge County, Virginia, U. S., it extends over Cedar Creek, it has an arch 200 feet in height, and the upper surface of the bridge is 240 feet above the stream.

The Most Remarkable Natural Bridge of the World

The most remarkable natural bridge is the Jisrel Hajar, which spans a gorge not far from the ruins of the Temple of Adonis, in the province of the Lebanon in Syria. It is a flat piece of limestone from 10 to 15 feet thick, perfectly arched on the under side. The gorge is about 150 feet across, and the bridge is about 100 feet from the bed of the torrent below.